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The future of online advertising in Brussels


Online advertising, also known as Internet advertising, is presumably the new trend of advertising. Even in Brussels, online advertising has reached new heights with a number of classified and e-commerce websites gaining immense popularity among the general public. Since the vast expansion of the internet throughout the world it has become so much easy to advertise anything online. And today, online advertising is considered as one of the best methods of advertising because, with it, you can reach around to every corner of the world, a large amount of people that are daily surfing through the internet for various purposes. This kind of modern technology has lead us to a world that is so small that we can buy anything we want with touch of our fingertip. All this is due to the advancements in online advertising. The online advertising of a product is a very good way of increasing its sales. It is also good method of introducing a new product to the public.

Like every other country in the world, Brussels has also been able to blend in with the new online advertising culture. And even in online advertising we need both, a publisher and an advertiser – like in any other form of advertising. Due to the improvements in the web designing and other technologies with regards to the internet, the internet advertising methods in Brussels are also getting improved day by day. But there are many areas that are yet to be improved in the local online advertising scene.

Advertiser is one of the two main parts of online advertising. In order to improve the online advertising methods, there should be improvements in the advertiser’s section. As we all know, internet advertising does not have a very long history – more so in countries like Brussels. Since it is kind of a new subject in the field, we need to inform people and give them the knowledge about what it is and how to use it to advertise their products, and use it for their advantage in competitive markets.


It is without a doubt that the new generation of Brussels is already involved with online advertising. But this is not enough as there is a whole generation of people out there with a higher buying power, who is yet to understand the power of the internet. We need to let everyone, including older, middle aged, young, urban and rural, people to get the idea about online purchases and e-commerce. We also have to make them familiar with online advertising. This sort of publicity will be helpful to find advertisers for the online advertising community.

And the second main aspect of online advertising is the publisher. Publisher is the one who combines the advertisements to the online content. Normally there are many ways to integrate an advertisement with online content and a number of ways to present them. Web banners, pop-ups, floating ads, frame ads, expanding ads, are just few of them. To increase the amount of advertisers, the publishers need to create attractive and effective online advertisements, and show them that internet advertising is an area that they can expect a higher ROI. To make the advertisements more attractive, the publishers have to encourage good designers to get involved with the marketing process and then into the online advertising field. The publishers will also have to make sure that there is a good connection between advertisers and designers.

There are also some other “indirect” ways of online advertising such as social media marketing, mobile advertising and email advertising. And social media marketing has seen a huge hype in the recent years with the growth and popularity of Twitter and Facebook advertising¬†in Brussels. These methods of online advertising are very useful and effective because social media, mobile phones and emailing are the most popular ways of communication in the entire planet.

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